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COVID Response

In response to COVID 19 the squadron will be in compliance with the State of Louisiana Phase 3 guidelines and National Headquarters, CAP Phase 2 Guidelines.  What does this mean?

As of 28 September the squadron will resume Face-to-face meetings.  The following rules will be in effect for all CAP personnel attending an activity:

Temperature will be checked the first time entering the building, no matter if their temperature was checked else wear.

Every effort will be made to remain at least 6 feet from other personnel.

Avoid physical contact with others unless, at least, one of you are wearing appropriate PPE (gloves, Mask).

When indoors, a mask will be worn if a safe social distance cannot be maintained.

When outdoors, a mask will be worn if a safe social distance cannot be maintained.

The area occupied by an Airman will be wiped down, with cleaner provided by the squadron, before leaving.


Everyone has their thoughts and beliefs about COVID 19.  Regardless of what you believe, this disease is dangerous!  Even if you feel you are at lower risk, do to health or lifestyle, does not make you immune or a potential carrier.  Nor, does it keep you from potentially spreading the virus to those that are more at risk.  All Airmen of the Lafayette Composite Squadron will be in compliance with the rules set for CAP Activities in this time of COVID 19.  Anyone found not complying will face Disciplinary Action.     

For more information about COVID 19, Check with your Chain of Command or the National Hq COVID Information Center.


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