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Who We Are


          INTEGRITY.  Integrity is the willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking. Integrity is wholeness. You’re a whole person, not a split person, so how you act in uniform should match how you act out of uniform. A person of integrity is honest and morally courageous. They can be counted on to fulfill their responsibilities, even in difficult circumstances. They don’t blame others for their mistakes, and they don’t take credit for someone else’s work.

          VOLUNTEER SERVICE. This Core Value teaches us that the needs of the team and of the people we help take priority over our individual wants and desires. To put it more simply, Volunteer Service is about “selflessness.” It’s the difference between “giving” and “taking.” This Core Value is extra important because CAP is entrusted with performing life-saving missions. Volunteer Service is also evident when experienced Aimen mentor and train new Airmen.

          EXCELLENCE. Being an Airman means you value Excellence. No matter what challenge is facing you, you will give it your best effort. If you value Excellence, you demonstrate teamwork and know that teams accomplish more than individuals do. Moreover, to display this Core Value, you must make a commitment to continuous self-improvement – you must study, train, and work to better yourself and fulfill your potential in every aspect of your life.

          RESPECT. This Core Value challenges Airmen to defend human dignity. Someone who is respectful treats others as they would like to be treated. They are polite and kind. They assume their friends and even strangers act in good faith, so they give them the benefit of the doubt. Likewise, a respectful Airman understands that each individual is unique and accepts them for who they are.



Since 1957 the Lafayette Composite Squadron (LCS) has served the citizens of the Acadiana Area of South Louisiana.  A squadron is the community‐level organization of CAP, charged with recruiting, training and developing individuals to accomplish CAP’s missions. The Squadron is also responsible for stewarding CAP resources to prepare for use in CAP’s missions.  The Lafayette Squadron is of a type called a Composite Squadron. A Composite Squadron is a Unit that’s membership is made up of both Cadet (Youth) and Senior (Adult) personnel.  This type of unit focuses on all three Missions of CAP equally. 


Aerospace Education - Encourage and aid citizens of the United States in contributing their efforts, services, and resources in developing aviation and in maintaining air supremacy, to provide aviation education and training, and to promote AE and cyberspace to our members and the general public.

Cadet Programs - Transforms youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders through a curriculum of leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character. The program follows a military model and emphasizes Air Force traditions and values.

Emergency Services - Conducts operational missions primarily in the areas of Emergency Services (Search And Rescue (SAR), Disaster Relief (DR)), Counterdrug (CD), and Homeland Security (HLS) for authorities at the National, State and Local levels.


     The colors and symbols of our insignia represent the missions, Airmen and values of the Lafayette Composite Squadron and defines what it means to be a Airman of the Lafayette Composite Squadron. 

The Symbols

Fleur-de-Lis – A symbol of French Royalty since the 12th century.  Adopted by the former French Colony of Louisiana and depicted here as a symbol of our local heritage.

Delta – Represent aviation.  Show our commitment to Aerospace Education and the use of aviation to support the missions of CAP.

The Colors

Maroon (Red) – Depicts patriotism and Search and Rescue.  Represents our Emergency Services mission. We come forth as patriots to serve our Community State and Nation.  We do this not for reward, but for pride in ourselves, our families and friends.

Green – Depicts Youth.  Represents our Cadet Programs mission.  CAP Cadets or the future leaders of this country and will carry the beliefs and values that are instilled in them now.

Silver/Gray – Depicts Charity.  Charity is doing for others with no want of reward or return.  Represents our core value of Volunteer Service.

Gold – Depicts Honor (Integrity).  We strive to live by the core value of Integrity. We enclose our insignia with a gold band of honor that binds all the colors and symbols together.  Without honor, there is nothing.


The Red Wolf. 

Is a North American Canid that once roamed throughout the Southeastern United States from the Atlantic Coast to Eastern Texas.  Historical habitats included forests, swamps and coastal Prairies.  It is a social animal, traveling in packs.  The basic social unit of a wolf pack is the mated pair (the Alphas), accompanied by the mated pairs’ adult offspring and Juveniles.  Wolves are highly territorial, and generally establish territories far larger than they require and defend their territory from other packs.  They defend their territories through a combination of scent marking, direct attacks and howling.

By Comparison the Airman of the Lafayette Composite Squadron Is a North American human that roams South Central Louisiana.  Their habitat includes the Southern Kasatchie National Forrest, The Atchafalaya Basin and Coastal areas to include Pecan Island, Avery Island, Weeks Island and the Atchafalaya Delta.  An LCS Airman is a social animal that conducts its missions as a unit (packs).  The basic structure of the unit is the commander and Deputy Commander (The Alphas), the senior (adult) Personnel and cadet (juvenile) Personnel.  LCS Personnel are highly territorial and defend their territory from other units that border on its own. They defend their territories through complaining to higher headquarters why another unit is operating in its area (howling).


Lafayette Composite Squadron — A force of citizen volunteers serving the team to Serve Acadiana by Training Future Leaders, conducting Emergency Services and promoting Aerospace Education.


For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack!

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