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Specialty Track: 216 - Cadet Programs


In today’s Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs personnel are responsible for the education and training of the cadets assigned to the unit.  They may manage staff, coordinate training programs, interface with staff or representatives of other agencies, develop policies and procedures necessary to ensure safety and accomplishment, and be involved in the development and implementation of the Cadet Program plans, programs and directives.

Leadership Training


Instructs and supervise the leadership laboratory of the CAP cadet training Program.

Key Duties

Supervise the Instruction of cadets in the Proper wear of the CAP uniform.

Supervise the Instruction of cadets in the Customs and courtesies of the service.

Supervise the Instruction of cadets in Leadership techniques and activities.

Supervise and manage the creation, training and implementation of the Squadron drill team.

Cadet Programs Aerospace Education

See Aerospace Education



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