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Specialty Track: 215 - Aerospace Education


In today’s Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education personnel may manage staff, coordinate training programs, interface with staff or representatives of other agencies, develop policies and procedures necessary to ensure safety and accomplishment, and be involved in the develop and implement aerospace education plans, programs and directives.

There are three aerospace education programs authorized for a composite squadron. The first implements and directs the aerospace education portion of the CAP cadet program, and the second implements and directs the Aerospace Education-Civil Air Patrol (AE-CAP) program for senior members. The third implements and directs the External Aerospace Education Program for the public.

Key Duties

CAP External Aerospace Education Program.

Provide special aerospace education presentations to the general public.

Promote CAP aerospace education courses and instructional materials in local schools.

CAP Cadet Program

Monitor the aerospace education portion of the CAP cadet program.

Generate and supervise the aerospace education activities and supporting projects for cadets.

Supervise the aerospace education testing program for cadets.

AE-CAP Program for Senior Members

Monitor the implementation of AE-CAP within the unit.

Supervise AE-CAP testing programs.

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