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Specialty Track: 206 - Logistics


In today’s Civil Air Patrol Logistics personnel are responsible for securing and safeguarding equipment, vehicles and facilities assigned to the unit.  They may manage staff, coordinate programs, interface with staff or representatives of other agencies, develop policies and procedures necessary to ensure protection of property, and be involved in the development and implementation of the Logistics plans, programs and directives.

Manages and directs the logistics program to include the areas of supply, transportation, maintenance, and installation engineering.

Key Duties

Advise the commander on status of logistics programs and establish logistics policies.

Review budget requirements of logistics activities and direct consolidation of logistics budget.

Be responsible for real property management.



In Today’s Civil Air Patrol Supply personnel assists Logistics Personnel in all matters pertaining to supply.

Key Duties

Ensure proper accountability for CAP property.

Be responsible for receipt, issue, storage and proper disposal of all CAP property.

Be responsible for effecting distribution and recovery of property in coordination with the transportation officer.

Recommend to the commander the allocation or reallocation of property within the unit.



In today’s Civil Air Patrol Transportation personnel assists Logistics personnel in all matters pertaining to surface and air transportation.

Key Duties

Ensure that all vehicles are licensed and insured and those drivers are qualified and licensed to operate the vehicles.

Recommend allocation and reallocation of motor vehicles.

Maintain appropriate records on location of all vehicles.

Responsible for maintenance, painting, and marking vehicles.

Coordinate airlift requirements with operations.



In todays Civil Air Patrol Maintenance personnel assist Logistics personnel in all matters pertaining to the maintenance of CAP Aircraft.

Key Duties

Make recommendations to the commander for the improvement of the maintenance program.

Ensure that aircraft are painted and identified in accordance with current directives.

Ensure that aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition in accordance with FAA requirements.

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