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Deputy Commander for Cadets


     Captain LeBlanc has served the community since his parents and Catholic school upbringing instilled this value in him as a youth.  He is responsible for maintaining a robust Cadet Program at The Lafayette Composite Squadron that challenges the youth of Acadiana to be the next leaders of our community.  Starting out in Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet himself, and serving in different outstanding units, Capt LeBlanc helps Cadets in the unit continue to raise the bar on what our organization can accomplish everyday.

     After attending a local airshow in 1998, then Cadet LeBlanc begin service with the Lafayette Composite Squadron and later Lafayette Cadet Squadron.  He served on staff with both the local squadron and Louisiana Wing, and had the privilege to attend many of the once and a lifetime activities CAP has to offer.  Towards the end of 2005, he left the program to begin a career and adult life.

     Landing in Houston in 2012 with the Thunderbird Composite Squadron, LeBlanc was part of a multiple award winning Cadet program for over three years.  Work eventually led back to Lafayette, and a second opportunity to be in the great Lafayette Composite Squadron.  All in all, Capt. LeBlanc has over 13 years of service as a Cadet and Senior Member.

Current Duty Assignments

Deputy Commander for Cadets

Aerospace Education Officer

Assistant IT Officer

Prior Duty Assignments


Leadership Officer – Thunderbird Composite Squadron

IT Officer – Thunderbird Composite Squadron

Assistant Aerospace Education Officer – Thunderbird Composite Squadron

Assistant Testing Officer – Thunderbird Composite Squadron

Honor Guard Senior Sponsor – Thunderbird Composite Squadron


Southwest Region

Cadet Advisory Council

Louisiana Wing

Cadet Commander

Command Chief Master Sergeant

Cadet Advisory Council

Lafayette Composite Squadron

Cadet Executive Officer – Lafayette Cadet Squadron

Cadet First Sergeant – Lafayette Cadet Squadron

Cadet Flight Sergeant – Lafayette Cadet Squadron

Cadet Honor Guard Commander – Lafayette Cadet Squadron


Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

Exceptional Service Award

Commander’s Commendation Award (Bronze Star and Two Bronze Clasps)

CAP Achievement Award 

Unit Citation (w/ Bronze Clasp)

Paul E. Garber Award

Grover Learning Aerospace Award

Leadership Award (Silver and Two Bronze Stars)

Membership Award

Brigadier General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award

Amelia Earhart Award

Crisis Service Ribbon

Red Service Ribbon (Two Bronze Clasps)

Search "Find" Ribbon

Air Search and Rescue Ribbon

Disaster Relief Ribbon (With Silver V)

Community Service Ribbon

National Cadet Competition Ribbon (Bronze Star)

Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon (Silver Star)

National Cadet Special Activities Ribbon (Bronze Star)

Encampment Ribbon (Four Bronze Clasps)


CAP Pilot Wings

Senior Ground Team Badge

Cadet Programs (Master)

Information Technology (Senior)

Aerospace Education (Senior)

 Additional Service              

     In addition to long time service with Civil Air Patrol, Captain LeBlanc has also been a heavily contributing member from his teenage years at the American Red Cross, Broussard and Scott Fire Departments, and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office.  Some of his awards and positions include:

Broussard Fire Department (Current)

Firefighter of the Year

Fireline Lieutenant

Scott Fire Dept (Previous)

Fireline Captain

Fireline Lieutenant

American Red Cross - Lafayette Chapter

Director of First Aid (EMT)

South District Disaster Coordinator

Disaster Action Team Captain

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office - Assistant Operations Office - Current Grade Deputy

National Disaster Services Volunteer Award

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